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Gil Lewis is a published producer, top-liner, guitar player and mix engineer.

He has collaborated alongside legendary artists such as U2 as well an entry in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest for the UK. Gil has had notable syncs with worldwide brands such as Maybelline New York and further cuts with over 30 Million streams with artists such as Liv Dawson, Stine Bramsen (Alphabeat), SuRIe, OOHYO, Dan Crossley, Iris Gold, Searls, LYRA, Carta, Tom Aspaul, Blooms, CC Clark and more.

Gil has recently been working with artists and writers such as Sigala, Louisa Johnson, Grace Davies, Erika Ender, Hannah Jane Lewis, David Sneddon, Maegan Cottone, Nina Nesbitt, Karen Harding, Ki Fitzgerald, Danny Shah, Dewain Whitemore, Adam Argyle, Dusky Grey, Melissa Steel, Micky Blue (Tiësto) and Nicola Roberts, to name a few.